9 Tips To Reduce The Sugar Cravings

During Holiday seasons, including Easter being upon us….are times when many people tend to eat more foods rich in calories, fats, and sugars than normal. After, a holiday filled with unhealthy foods or eating habits, It’s difficult to get back into a healthy eating pattern again. Don’t let the extra treats become unhealthy habits to beat!  Holidays tend to be busy times of the year and can become stressful. This can and will contribute to people falling into an unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits. When you maintain and continue to eat healthily and control your cravings, through the holidays….then you have come a long way towards a better and healthier lifestyle.

Studies have proven, Sugar is the number one cause of disease. Sugar is very addictive and is one of those foods where the more you eat it, the more you want it!

Below are tips to curve your sugar cravings and stay on track with your health! 

1. Drinking is a must or you’ll crash even more! Did you know that being thirsty is often mistaken for hunger? Drinking plenty of water can satisfy that hunger feeling.2. Drinking a diluted fresh juice with natural sweetness with fruits and vegetables.3. Stock up on your fruits and vegetables. This helps reduce any cravings, which also allows you to feel and keep you full longer. Remember our body is designed to process natural foods, not chemicals or processed foods.
4. Eat regularly throughout the day (snack if you need to) to prevent your blood sugar from crashing and reduces binges.
5. To reduce overeating….Eat slower take the time to savor your food. Practice the art of gratitude when you eat. Stop eating before you feel full. You will notice that in 10 m9inutes you’re full.
6. When having a strong sugar craving try eating a strong flavored whole plant food or juice. Some good suggestions are, culinary herbs, fennel, radish, rocket, onions, ginger, garlic, mint, and other or drink teas that contain….licorice, fennel, ginger or peppermint. Strong flavors can counter the taste for craving sweets.
7. Say good by any sugar treats, chocolates and/or sweets that you may have in your house. Out of sight, out of mind! “What you don’t have, you can’t eat!” This is a powerful message to yourself and will keep those extra calories from entering your body.
8. Eat 100% cocoa, this will at least satisfy your chocolate craving by at least 85%. Cocoa of rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients. Another alternative or option is,  drink a glass of  100% cocoa powder with hot water and Stevia. This will provide all the nutrients from the cocoa with none of the added sugar and/or fats.
9. Exercise, exercise, exercise did I get that point across? Exercising regularly helps to reduce cravings and improve moods!

Just follow these easy tips and guidelines and stay on a healthy lifestyle and eating habits! 



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